Dietz, Madeleine

Madeleine Dietz. (Germany 1953). In 1974 he graduated from Mannheim School of Art (now University of Mannheim). He began his artistic work with video works and installations. On a trip to Africa, the artist observes the change of land during and after the drought. Where was initially cracked dry land, then there is a huge vegetation. This dialectic of becoming and passing of time was later approached by the artist at work, mixing earth with water and letting it dry. Com Earth layers and in which you work. In many of his works is the contrast of the dry land with steel as productive change. Steel as the beginning seemingly cold, smooth and constructive with respect to the earth as initially broken, uneven, but alive. A striking against each other, which in passing hands on completely different material surfaces is a great tactile experience.

Editions || Large Format || book: ¡Eternidad, dulce niña! (2006)

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